Other Types of Referrals

Hospital-to-Hospital Transfers

For hospital-to-hospital transfers, contact our Transfer Center at 713-563-2222.


International Referrals

The  International Center has dedicated staff with global experience to help ease the referral process for international physicians and patients. Contact the International Center at 001-713-745-0450 or via email at international@mdanderson.org.


Second-Opinion Pathology Consultation

MD Anderson’s Pathology department provides second-opinions consultations. This program may help you choose the most effective treatment. Many insurance carriers reimburse the costs of second-opinion consultations.

Visit myMDAnderson for Physicians or the Pathology site to print the consultation request form and get mailing information.

The Pathology department replies in writing in every case. For more information, call 713-792-3112 or 713-792-3205, or fax to 713-745-2745.