Frequently Asked Questions



How do I reach the Office of Physician Relations?

Physician Access Center: (800) 392-1611, option 1
Department Phone: (+1) (713) 792-2202 (U.S. and International)
Fax: (713) 794-4685
Twitter: @PhysRelations
Facebook: MD Anderson Oncology Resources for Health Care Professionals


What is the easiest, most convenient way to refer a patient?

myMDAnderson for Physicians is the most efficient referral pathway. This secure portal allows you 24-hour access, sending your referral directly to the appropriate center. Refer your patient now at

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How do I refer a patient from outside the United States?

myMDAnderson for Physicians is the most efficient referral pathway for non-US patients as well. This secure portal allows you 24-hour access, sending your referral directly to the International Center. Refer your patient now at

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What if I want to discuss the referral with someone over the phone?

The Physician Access Center provides clinical level support and assistance to you and your office staff. Call 1-800-392-1611, option 1.

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How do I enroll a patient in a clinical trial?

For information on current clinical trials and instructions on how to enroll a patient, visit our Clinical Trials page or contact our Physician Access Center at 1-800-392-1611, option />
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How long will my patient have to wait for a first appointment?

We've simplified the medical acceptance process to make it easier for you to obtain appointments for your patients. It's now faster and easier – many of our clinics offer same day or next day appointment scheduling.

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Will my patient's insurance pay for treatment?

MD Anderson works with all patients to help them receive full insurance benefits under their plan. Patients are responsible for meeting insurance requirements, especially if enrolled in a managed care plan.

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What if my patient's insurance plan will not pay for treatment?

If a patient's plan doesn't cover treatment, the patient may ask the insurance company if it will cover an M. D. Anderson second opinion or consultation. Patients also may self-pay.

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What if my patient does not have insurance coverage?

MD Anderson's Financial Assistance Program staff evaluates each patient's situation to determine eligibility for need-based financial assistance. Factors include U.S. citizenship, Texas residency and Financial status.

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How can I get follow-up information on my patients?

myMDAnderson for Physicians is the most efficient pathway to view electronic medical records (EMR) including clinical laboratory, pathology and radiology reports and appointment schedules. This secure physician portal provides 24-hour access to keep you up-to-date on your patient's care.

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Aside from medical or surgical treatment, what other resources are available for my patient?

MD Anderson cares for the whole patient, including providing for psychosocial, rehabilitation and survivorship needs, as well as cancer care.

The Anderson Network provides emotional support to patients through a number of programs, including a telephone hot-line where patients can talk with another patient with the same diagnosis and treatment.

The Place...of Wellness provides complementary care focusing on quality of life and the mindbody- spirit connection. myMDAnderson for Patients is a secure, patient portal where patients can access their medical records, appointment schedules, and information about their disease.

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What is the best way for physicians to stay informed about MD Anderson?

Join and participate in our physician community.

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