Associate Member



The international Associate member program is designed to share and extend MD Anderson’s knowledge and research-based clinical care and contribute to the global fight against cancer. It brings MD Anderson’s expertise and resources to global populations through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and multispecialty cancer center. Members benefit from operational and clinical integration with MD Anderson across the entire cancer care continuum, including translational research. This clinical integration includes planning and clinical program support, faculty and staff integration, education and training and research collaborations. Associate members deliver research-driven, patient-centered care that mirrors MD Anderson’s prospective, multidisciplinary model.




Through this clinically integrated program, associate members benefit from the following:


        Operational and clinical expertise for all diseases

        MD Anderson clinical care delivery models

        MD Anderson clinical oversight, order sets and algorithms

        Prospective, multidisciplinary treatment planning

        Research development and access to MD Anderson clinical trials

        Physician and staff education and training

        Access to MD Anderson faculty and peer-to-peer consultations

        Joint tumor boards and case reviews

        Quality measurement and management tools

        Cancer screening, prevention and education resources

        Facilities design &  planning for sub-specialized, multidisciplinary care

        Planning and business support



Key Membership Criteria


        Associate members must demonstrate a commitment to:

        Long-term relationship

        A culture, mission and commitment to quality consistent with MD Anderson

        Practicing MD Anderson research-driven, prospective, multidisciplinary clinical care

        Developing multidisciplinary sub-specialization based on market needs

        Development and maturation of a research program

        Annual reviews and concordance studies

            •        Maintenance of quality and safety standards 




Associate member program contact:

Sinan Sanvar,, 713-563-1481